Why Become a Dental Assistant?

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Dental assisting is a very rewarding career. There are so many opportunities for growth within the profession. People may envision a dental assistant as someone who just suctions and passes the dentist instruments. There is so much more to the job than that!

What does a dental assistant do?

A dental assistants role is very important to the entire team. They are the dentists “ right-hand man” and essential to providing effective, efficient patient care. Dental assisting is nice because you can focus on one area of the body and really excel at it. It is amazing to see how much you can help a patient and change their perspective on taking care of their mouth.

Most dental offices are not open your traditional 5 days/40 hours a week. This allows for more of a part-time job if that is what you are looking for or the ability to work at more than one dental office if you choose. However, if you want full time there are many offices out there that are open 40+ hours a week as well. You can also sub as a dental assistant and really create your own schedule! The bottom line is, you can find what fits best for you.

What career paths do dental assistants take?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to being a dental assistant. Some dental assistants choose to go on and become an EFDA. An EFDA is an expanded function dental assistant who actually places fillings once the dentist is finished drilling out the decay. Dental hygiene is another great option.

A dental hygienist cleans the patient’s teeth, takes x-rays, educates the patient on their oral health among other things. Most assistants choose to advance within the profession itself. Once you become certified as a dental assistant, you can take CE courses to expand your scope of practice. These additional certifications include monitoring nitrous oxide, placing dental sealants, coronal polishing and more. In summary, the dental field is a wonderful, rewarding career to choose.

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