Career Advantages for a Dental Assistant

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Career Advantages for a Dental Assistant

Before you choose a career, it’s always important to decide why you are choosing it and what the advantages are. Is it family friendly? Is it flexible? What are the perks? Will I get bored? These are some questions you might ask yourself before diving into a new career. We have some insight into career advantages for a dental assistant.

Dental Office Perks

Dental Assisting has many perks to it. If you get into a dental office full time, paid time off and health insurance benefits are typically offered. Not to mention, free dental care most of the time for you and your family. If it’s not free, it’s usually significantly discounted. You won’t ever have to work holidays again! Most of our students come from retail or the restaurant industry where you are usually required to work busy holidays. That’s not family friendly. Another perk is if your dentist takes a vacation, you get a vacation. While this may not be paid unless you use your PTO, you can plan a staycation without needing to request off, or you have the option of subbing. A huge advantage in the dental profession is the ability to sub at different offices. There are so many subbing agencies in Columbus that can help place you in offices when you are out of your office or looking for a job. Subbing is always fun because you are the hero and there to save the day for the person out. Some dentists are very generous. They may buy the office lunch now and then or give you a paid day off for your birthday. Holiday parties and bonuses are also common and are super fun.

A Job that Never Gets Boring

Being a dental assistant comes with great variety. We promise you will never get bored! Dental assisting is a challenging yet rewarding career that requires responsibility for many different tasks. Not only will you be working hands-on with patients, but you may also be required to do the ordering for the office. Every patient presents with a different case and procedure, so it keeps it fun and interesting. Many dental assistants are in charge of placing the supply order for the office each month. This requires inventory and proper budgeting for the office, finding the best deals on supplies and building relationships with the dental sales representatives. If your dentist appoints you to be in charge of ordering, take it as a compliment, as it is an important job that he/she trusts you with.

Flexibility in the Workplace

Flexibility is another perk in dentistry. While it is not easy to just call off if you are ill, it is easy to choose an office that best fits your schedule. Some offices are only open 3-4 days a week. Some offices are closed every Wednesday and open on Saturdays for half days. Some offices start early and end early, while some work afternoons and evenings only. This is where you have the beauty of choosing an office that works with your schedule and lifestyle. Maybe you only want to work two days a week. We can guarantee there is an office out there looking for an assistant for two days a week. If you want to work six days a week, you could also split your time between 2 different offices which also keeps it interesting.

The personal satisfaction of dentistry is what trumps it all. Most dental assistants love waking up and going to work each day. The profession includes people contact and personal satisfaction knowing you have truly helped someone in providing a valuable health service and improving their oral health. The relationships you build with your patients will last a lifetime.

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