Is Dental Assisting the Right Career for Me?

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Is dental assisting the right career for me

Is Dental Assisting the Right Career for Me?

Are you trying to decide if dental assisting is the right choice for you? Have you always been interested in healthcare but trying to decide what avenue to take? We are here to tell you what types of students we get the most and what their backgrounds are.

Career Change

We get a lot of students that already have a degree but want a change of pace. It’s always a plus to have a background in healthcare but is definitely not a necessity. We see people come from a background of medical assisting, phlebotomy, STNA, cosmetology and even dentistry in other countries. We love the variety!! It’s amazing how relative/helpful a degree in phlebotomy can be in dentistry! Many dental assistants and hygienists go on to get their certification in phlebotomy so they can draw blood for certain procedures in dental specialty offices.

High School Grads

A lot of our students come to us right out of high school and are ready to dive into the workforce. They may not want to take the traditional college route. Dental assisting is a great option since the program is only 13 weeks long and you can get a job right away out of school. It is also a wonderful platform if you do choose to go back to school for dental hygiene, EFDA or something else. If you do choose to continue your education, you can work while you are in school which is a huge advantage and helps with expenses.

Mom’s entering the workforce

If you have been a stay at home Mom and are ready to put yourself back out there but not sure where to start, this is the perfect opportunity for you! With classes held on Saturdays, you can still be home with your kiddos or take the time to study during the week while they are at school. Upon completion of the program, you can find a job that fits the hours of your family! Whether it be part time or full time, there is something out there for you.

Maybe you are stuck in a rut and tired of the 9-5 desk job you have been working for the past 5 or 10 years and are ready for a fun, exciting career that you can interact with people on a daily basis. Dental assisting is rewarding in so many ways, and we can promise you one thing: you will never get bored or see the same thing every day!! To learn more about CADA’s program, contact us today!

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