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We have compiled together all of the most frequently asked questions about our dental assisting program and put them here for you to see. 

Once someone completes the program, are they able to be CODA ( Commission on Ohio Dental Assistant Certification) certified?
  • Yes, upon graduation you can take the state board exam for dental assisting (CODA) and become certified. The course is offered in the Spring and Fall.

What are the amounts of the payments, if one does the payment plan option?

  • See the attached payment plan. This is a template we made that some students choose. Others choose to create their own with the dates and amounts for payment. Final payment must be made by graduation. 

Classes are only on Saturdays, correct?  What are the hours of the classes?

  • Classes are all on Saturdays with the exception of the radiology certification. This is on a Friday from 8:30-4. The July courses radiology day is July 19th.

Do most of your graduates find full-time employment within 6months of graduating?  What do you tend to see as the salary range for Ohio dental assistants?  

  • Yes, I would say all of our graduates find employment within 6 months of graduation. Most will find a job within the first month as long as they are applying themselves. The sooner the better! We also give a lot of leads for jobs. Probably about 30-40% of students find jobs based on the leads we give of other dental offices calling us looking for new grads. Others travel in from out of town to find an office closer to home where we don’t have as many connections. The pay range generally starts at around $13-14/hour. Once you are state board certified you should get a pay raise and be able to take more certifications which can increase more. A good dental assistant can make $20+/hour.

How long after working as a dental assistant, is one able to go and get certified as an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant?  And what do you tend to see as the salary range for EFDA in Ohio?

  • You have to be a dental assistant for 2 years to apply to EFDA school. Ohio State offers it. It is 7 months long. An EFDA starts at $30/hour.

Do you see many employers in the dental field that offer tuition assistance if one wanted to go back for dental hygienist?  Is it still hard for a dental hygienist to find full-time employment after graduation?

  • Most employers do not offer tuition assistance as far as I know. In my opinion, it is not hard at all to find full time as a dental hygienist. There are so many jobs out there! A dental hygienist can also sub full time while looking for a job which is a huge advantage. Hygienists also start at $30/hour.

The dental profession truly has a lot to offer. If you want something hands on that keeps you busy and is very rewarding, this may be the career for you! 

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