Dental Assistant Recognition Week

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dental assisting appreciation week - Columbus Academy of Dental Assisting

Dental Assistant Recognition Week

Our favorite week is upon us!! This is the week we celebrate our dental assistants just a bit more. We are already so appreciative of them, but they deserve an extra thanks for all they do this week. Many people do not realize all that goes into dental assistants’ responsibilities from day to day. A dental office could not survive without a dental assistant! This position is crucial for a dental office and essentially the hardest position to fill. Every office wants a dental assistant that is a great team player has lots of energy and can multitask effectively. A dental assistant is the dentists “ right-hand man” or woman for that matter. A dental assistant’s goal is to always be two steps ahead of the dentist. This is not easy!! You are essentially a mind reader. It also takes time to build that relationship with the dentist you work for to where you just “click” and everything runs smoothly. Our goal at Columbus Academy of Dental Assisting is to shape our students into just that! We want our dental assistants to stand out above the rest and be recognized for it. Most patients do not realize all that a dental assistant does! They may think they “just suction” or “just pass instruments.” Thankfully, this is not the case. A dental assistant prepares the room for each procedure, disinfects the rooms and sterilizes instruments, places supply orders, seats the patient, goes over medical history and addresses concerns the patient may have. These are just a few, but they do so much more. They help to build rapport with the patients, so they feel comfortable during dental treatment. They are a huge asset to every office. This is the week we thank our dental assisting students for choosing this as their future, their career, and their passion. You have made a great choice where possibilities are endless. We thank our previous students for choosing this career as well and hope they are making us proud!!
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