It’s the Perfect Time to Become a Dental Assistant

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When potential students are inquiring about our program, one of the first things they ask is if we help with job placement. The answer is yes! In fact, there are more jobs than students. On average, we have about one office per week reach out to us looking for a dental assistant to hire. Dental assisting jobs are in high demand right now.

We also provide all the resources you need to apply for a job. We help with your resume and give you tips for interviews. We also have Dental Post give a presentation that includes how to make a successful resume, what offices are REALLY looking for in their job candidates and how to clean up your social media before applying places. They help with tips you normally would not think of and how to really stand out as a new graduate.

Oftentimes our students are nervous to start applying places being so new or are worried they will not get hired somewhere because offices want someone with experience. You would be surprised to hear it is the opposite! Offices love new dental assistants! Have you ever heard the saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?” Well, this is the case in dentistry. Offices do not want an assistant that is “set in their ways” and used to things a “certain way”. They want someone who is excited about the profession and ready to learn and are open-minded. Offices tell us when they call: “We want someone who is trainable. Someone with a great personality and we can go from there”. It is not about how much you know when you graduate. Dentistry is an ever-growing field with endless knowledge. Even after 20 years in the field, you may learn something new every day.

If you have been hesitant on taking the plunge and signing up for dental assisting school, wait no longer! It is a great time to get into the profession and you will not be disappointed! Call to take our virtual tour and learn more about our program today. (614) 526-8842

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