Steps to Become A Dental Hygienist

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Steps to Become A Dental Hygienist in Dublin, OH

After finishing our program and becoming a dental assistant, you may decide you want to be a dental hygienist. Many times, students ask what credits transfer and what steps they need to do to achieve this goal. We are here to help guide you through that process and what to do next.

Finding a Dental Assisting Job

Congrats on finishing dental assisting school! It is time to find a job and start soaking in all things dental while preparing to go back to school. Your next step is to sign up for classes at a college that offers dental hygiene. The closest ones to us are Columbus State Community College and The Ohio State University. You will want to speak to an academic advisor to help you choose which classes to pick and get an overview of prerequisites needed before applying to the program.

Dental Hygiene Programs

The dental hygiene programs are very competitive and can be difficult to get accepted into. Getting all A’s in your prerequisites will really help increase your chances of getting in. You also must take an entrance test prior to applying. It consists of different subjects, like math, English, and science. Some schools require an interview as well. Unfortunately, no credits from our school transfer to another college. However, the knowledge you receive from our school will take you much further!! Dental assisting is a great platform for someone wanting to go into hygiene, and you do get extra points towards acceptance.

Another advantage of going into hygiene school if you are a dental assistant is that you can work while you take your prerequisites. Depending on what school you choose, once you are in the hygiene program, it may be difficult to work depending on the class schedule. A lot of hygiene students choose to work in a restaurant or other job that they can work later in the day or on the weekends with a flexible schedule. Some choose not to work at all and just focus on school for those two years. If you ever have any questions about our program or what comes next after dental assisting if you wish to further your education, do not hesitate to reach out to us by phone or email.

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How to become a Dental Hygienist
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Dental Hygienist jobs in Columbus Ohio

Columbus Academy of Dental Assisting is really good place for me. I like to attend classes And I always counting down days for Saturday. Both Allison and Chassiti are so helpful. I highly recommend If any one looking for a dental assisting school.

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