What Certifications Do I Graduate With?

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What Certifications Do I Graduate With?

One of the questions we often get from our potential students is what certifications they will graduate with upon completion of our program. When our students finish our dental assisting program, they are CPR and Radiology certified. They will also graduate with their dental assisting certificate. This means they are ready for a job once they obtain these certifications.


We enroll our students in CPR and let them pick a date that best fits their schedule. The certification is good for two years and is required to work in a dental office. The radiology certification has two parts. The first part is the lecture portion, which is our only class that is on a Friday during the course. This is mandatory and required to be able to take x-rays and get your license. It is a full day of all things radiology and is the lecture portion only. The nice thing is they do feed you and try to make it as exciting as possible. The hands-on portion is done with the school in class on Saturdays. There are three parts you must complete on a mannequin head and a person to fulfill your requirements. We help you with your requirements and mail in your final completion papers before receiving your certificate to be able to apply on the dental board website for your official license. 

Dental Assistant Certificate

Your dental assistant certificate is proof you completed and passed our course. This means you are ready to take the state board exam if you choose to do so. It is not required to be state board certified as a dental assistant in the state of Ohio. All states have different rules. We do our absolute best to prepare you for this exam and incorporate several, if not all, parts of the clinical exam into our final exam. We have additional study guides and handouts we give upon graduation of the program. To take the board exam, you must either be a dental assistant for two years OR complete a program like ours to be eligible to register. If you have any questions or would like us to send you a link to our virtual tour, please contact us today via phone or email at columbusacademydentalassisting@gmail.com and 614.526.8842.

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