What Is An EFDA?

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what is an edfa?

An EFDA is an expanded function dental assistant. I’m sure now you are wondering what exactly does that mean? An EFDA has lots of job duties that allow them to be more independent chairside. This helps increase production in a dental office which means more money for you. An EFDA is a great opportunity for a dental assistant to expand upon their knowledge and advance in the dental field. We will give you the scoop on all you need to know about an EFDA and how you can become one in the future.

Job Duties of an EFDA

The main additional job duty of an EFDA is to place fillings in the mouth. This includes silver amalgam fillings and tooth-colored composite fillings. This means once the dentist is done drilling out the cavity and prepping the tooth, they can then move on to the next patient while the EFDA comes in to place the filling and finish up the procedure. An EFDA will increase their knowledge of dental materials, and the oral cavity as well. This allows them to understand more concepts and the importance of why things are done the way they are. An EFDA is also trained to place dental sealants to prevent cavities and do coronal polishing to remove plaque, stains and debris in the mouth. They can monitor nitrous oxide, place topical anesthetic, fabricate temporary crowns, and take radiographs like a dental assistant. For dental assisting in Columbus, one of the biggest benefits of an EFDA is that the starting pay starts out at about double (or more) of an entry-level dental assistant. So, if you were thinking of a dental career, this may be a better, quicker and more affordable option for you. It all depends on what you visualize yourself doing every day.

Admission Process

The admission process for an EFDA can be very competitive. The closest school that offers the program to us is The Ohio State University. Here are the requirements for admission:

  1. You must be a dental assistant for 2 years before you can apply to the program.
  2. You must be certified (DANB or CODA) before you apply to the program. You do not need to be certified for the full 2 years or for any minimum amount of time, you just must be certified.
  3. You must be up to date on your vaccinations prior to applying.
  4. You must take a tooth anatomy course at OSU and your scores will be submitted with your application.
  5. A personal statement and employer recommendation must be included in your application.

The application process can be lengthy, but who said being successful and improving yourself was easy? The total length of the EFDA program is 7 months and typically runs from January to July. You must pass board exams to become licensed to be able to practice as an EFDA. Many offices are employing more EFDA’s and it is a great opportunity to advance in the dental profession! Columbus Academy of Assisting encourages this next step, too!

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