Why Choose Our Dental Assisting School?

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Why Choose Our Dental Assisting School?

One of the first questions we get when students are inquiring about our school is, “Why should I choose your school? What sets you apart from all of the others nearby?” We know you have options, but we also know what we have to offer as a dental assisting school Columbus Academy of Dental Assisting is very structured. We have a certain way we like to do things. Our goal is for you to be the best dental assistant you can be. We want you to feel confident when applying and starting your first dental assisting job. These are the skills we teach during our course.

What to Expect at CADA

The classes are on Saturdays for 12 weeks. One week you will have class 2 days (Friday and Saturday) for the radiology certification lecture. Class times are from 8:30-3 pm. We chose to have a 12-week program (13 days) vs. a ten-week, so we do not give information overload each week. Don’t’ get us wrong. It is still a lot of information, but getting done before 5 is a big deal. You still have the rest of your day to do what you want after three, and you aren’t so completely drained you can’t function. We also have small class sizes. We don’t want any students to get “left behind” or fall through the cracks. We want small groups with each instructor so we can be sure each student is grasping the concept we are teaching and can get that one on one attention they need and deserve. 

Get the Dental Assisting Experience You Need

We also require an externship during our program. This is where students go out and observe at different dental offices to get a feel for the real world in dentistry. Learning something and seeing it are completely different. It is important to see the pace and flow of day-to-day in the dental world. Again, we want you to feel prepared and be ready to work even before you graduate!! Most of our students find a job before they graduate! We also help with resumes and interview tips. If you are interested in signing up for our dental assisting program, contact CADA today at 614.526.8842 to see a virtual tour of the school and learn more about what we have to offer.  
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